Friday, April 1, 2011

Sin Fang - Almost Everything

Sindri Már Sigfússon is part of Seabear  but has taken time to develop his side project Sin Fang (formerly Sin Fang Bous). You can hear the Icelandic influences that people fall for woven through this new album Summer Echos. It has that delicate beauty to it but also feels a little more forceful and alive than Seabear's 2010 dreamy album, We Built a Fire. The moments of experimentation on this album remain accessible without ever breaking the momentum. It's bound to be one of April's best albums, due out on April 3rd everywhere. 
Watch the striking video, complete with a beard of doilies, for "Because of the Blood" after the jump.
Sin Fang - Because Of The Blood from Máni M. Sigfússon on Vimeo.

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