Friday, June 3, 2011

American Craft Beer Fest Mixtape

American Craft Beer Fest is a joyous occasion that I've been looking forward to since the last beer fest I attended in March. There will be over 100 brewers and 500 + beers to try at the World Trade Center in Boston over the course of 3 sessions taking place June 3-4.  You know that song from Rent that asks "How do you measure a year?" Well, I measure it in beer festivals. I count down days, I plan out the beers I have to try, and then when it's over I'm always looking forward to the next one. I always volunteer when I get the chance, and I can't stress doing it enough. Perks usually include:
  • free entry
  • snack ticket
  • a t shirt
  • hanging with fellow beer geeks
  • getting excellent and knowledgeable beer recommendations and lots of beer talk
  • skipping lines to taste
  • meeting people from other parts of the country to trades with 
  • probably enjoying yourself more than if you paid the $45 + entry fee
  • Curbs your consumption and prevents you from over indulging. Craft beer headaches are the worst anyway.  
I don't look forward to birthdays, new years, or equinoxes, but time does go by faster when looking forward to beer festivals. When I care about something this much, whether it's a person or event, a mixtape is in order because everyone knows that if you love something make it a mix tape. I ramble some more about my love of beer and music after the jump. Go get yourself a growler, a six pack, or crack open that special bomber you've been saving and press play.

More beer stuff:
1. Breckenridge Brewery "Truth in Beervertising" videos. Especially this one that basically says "Suck it Coors, your gimmicks are mind bogglingly dumb." Watch here.

2. This hip-hop beer video that is ridiculous but also drops some craft brew names.

3. Bradley's Almanac and fellow Boston music blogger also switched gears to beer talk today and made a fantastic list of beer fest tips for maximum enjoyment. Check it out

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