Thursday, June 23, 2011

Boy Without God - City Kid

It was the lyrics of "City Kid" that drew me to Boy Without God's music. The song captures such a perfect moment, one you can place yourself in and feel happy. It offers up this perfect snap shot of what being comfortably in love is like, the kind of moment that stands out in your mind even though it looks dubiously like every day life. I have one of those moments I carry around with me from a long time ago and it just so happens to involve dancing in the kitchen, so when I heard first heard this song my heart melted and I became completely absorbed by the music.
and he remembers tall rough green grass and endless sky
                                                                and she remembers one look that held all their lives 
he says "i'm too drunk from your lips" she says "Hey let's go home and dance in the kitchen" 
 The lyricism throughout the album, God Bless the Hunger, is some of the best I've heard since the latest Fleet Foxes album. The songs are nimble and relatable stories about love, death, demons, and yearnings, but the songs are composed of much more depth than what is found in the lyrics. There's a discordance throughout the album that rises up to jolt the listener from any complacency. It's an album that requires full attention as it does have an experimental side to it, but if you're willing to listen it can be rewarding. God Bless the Hunger blends a wide array of styles but the one that is the most surprising is the jazz. The title track "God Bless the Hunger" is the pinnacle of the experimental side of the album with a jumble of trumpets that come out of nowhere half way through the song. The ten songs pack a lot of everything but it never feels like too much, and shows that it is thoughtfully arranged and well written music. If you're ready for it, give it a full listen.

Website || Bandcamp || Currently on tour
Boston: Boy Without God is playing tonight at the Cambridge family YMCA. 

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