Thursday, June 2, 2011

Claire Denamur - Bang Bang Bang

Picture Credit: Historygradguy
Last night Boston got to experience one of the most terrific and impressive thunder storms we've seen in a long time. In the early evening their were a few lightning bolts and heavy winds. My sister was holding on to a large golf umbrella and was nearly carried away by the wind Mary Poppins style.  The real show was later in the evening when the sky was lit up for an hour with the constant strike of lightning and the thunder boomed and echoed throughout neighborhoods as the rain flooded the streets. The point of my storm watching story is that my ipod was keen on playing this one french pop song each time I found myself walking through the rain and wind, and in many ways it seems like the most perfect choice. When I walked home later that night, without the company of my ipod, I found I was skipping over puddles in time to this song that I was still singing in my head.
Claire Denamur is a french based songstress that I first learned about with her 2009 breakout hit "Le Prince Charmant" which got heavy radio play in Europe. A few weeks ago she released an EP, Bang Bang Bang, and the title track has been playing on repeat quite often. It's hard to resist singing along to the chorus "Bang Bang Bang. Il faut du courage. Bang Bang Bang. Encore du courage. Peut* en cassée les coups d'orage.

*lyrics transcribed by me and therefore are not necessarily accurate, but close.


  1. You're right on almost everything, it's just that the last sentence is "Pour encaisser les coups de rage/d'orage". Not sure of the last words.

  2. Yeah, it's a very good choice !!
    Lyrics are ♫ Bang bang bang il nous faut du courage pour encaisser les coups de rage ♫

    Le site de Claire:




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