Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Bands Rec'ing Bands

I love when bands I like, recommend bands they like. It's really a very simple thing, and if you follow the ones that are on twitter to interact, you are likely to run across these types of recommendations. When I see those tweets I star them, email them to myself, or whatever I have to do so that I remember to check them out. If you're looking for some fresh additions to your music library, this tactic is highly recommended. Last night Hip Hatchet mentioned a favorite band from Portland, OR called Quiet Life who has a video out for a song that makes me want to pack up my car and start anew. Naturally, I love it. More recommendations and songs after the jump.

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No Surprise from Quiet Life on Vimeo.

There's also this: Quiet Life - Jim's Wedding Band

Then there's Shakey Graves, NMC favorite, recommended the following bands in an interview with Tuckshop Community: Michael Hurley, Crooked Cowboy and the Freshwater Indians, and Abner Jay. They are of course outstanding recommendations, this Abner Jay Track gets me every time.

Crooked Cowboy & The Freshwater Indians is one of those where you can assume a lot based on the band name and you'll probably be right. I love all of it's crookedness. Their internet trail is scant, all they have is myspace. Although I did come across a song of theirs tagged as "hallucination western". So you get the idea, go dig in.

Lastly, while this doesn't come from a band, it does come from someone whose music recommendations are so consistently above average that I have to listen to everything she dishes out or else I feel like I might be missing out on my next new favorite band. All it took was one tweet from Sam at Folk Hive and a link to a bandcamp page and I bought the Scarlet Tanager album. The puppet music video really makes you wonder how long it will be before you hear this in a kindle ad.

Scarlet Tanager - "Tumbleweed" from Michael Logsdon on Vimeo.

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