Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Bon Iver / James Blake Collaboration - Fall Creek Boys Choir

Since it's unofficially "Stream Music That 100 Other Bloggers Have Posted Day" here at NMC I'll just throw this up for kicks. The two met just five months ago at SXSW and have been working on this collaboration via the internet. Today they debuted the track on BBC1 and the track was up for streaming in seconds, literally. It sounds exactly how you'd expect a Bon Iver / James Blake collab to high pitch vocals, and bleeps and bloops and slow beats with a bit of that soft rock of the 80s vibe. I don't care for it, to me it's like the worst parts or the weak points of their musical styles had bad sex, the kind where nobody gets off. So I guess I can't even call this the love child of bad sex. What do you think?

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