Monday, August 22, 2011

Monday's Mix

These five song should help you kick monday in the face. I've been consistently satisfied and going back for more from all of these guys and wish I had more time to wax poetic on them. But all that really matters is the music and that you have a listen. Enjoy.

Ben Howard - Old Pine
"As the old pine fell, we sang just to bless the morning." This UK singer has one of those voices that melts your heart, his debut album is due out October 3rd and I have a feeling you'll be hearing a lot about him. [Website]

Alessi's Ark - Wire
Alessi is another voice that you'll find yourself gravitating towards. She'll be touring the U.S. with Laura Marling this September which is a line up that couldn't be more perfect. A huge thanks to The Waiting Room for playing her songs months ago. I now have her entire discography and I highly recommend checking it out. [Website]

Ravenna Woods - Graves
Ravenna Woods is one of those Seattle bands I'm obsessed with and I've been patiently waiting for them to tour the east coast. [Bandcamp]

Deer Tick - Miss K
This summer I became an accidental fan of Deer Tick. I half heartedly liked them before, but somehow managed to see them three times over the course of a month and their goofy we're just here to have fun stage demeanor made me like them a whole lot more. So what if they botch songs? They look like they're having a genuine blast. I love that. [Website]

 Lana Del Rey "Video Games" 
Lana Del Rey is bound for main stream radio. I imagine in a few months you'll hear her music blasting out of college dorm rooms and soundtrack clothing stores at the mall. Have a good listen now before it undoubtedly gets over played.

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