Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Charles Bradley - The World (Is Going Up in Flames)

I have this problem that when I really and truly enjoy an album I tend not to write about it, so I really don't know why anybody reads this site when all the good stuff is missing. But I'm changing that and will be inundating you with everything I've loved in the past few months. I can't promise good writing, but I can promise words and phrases like "fun!", "danced in my underwear", and "holy crap, I loved this at first listen." So let's get going.

Charles Bradley's No Time For Dreaming gets played every time it rains. It just feels right and has become a fast favorite. His voice is so warm, yet the songs are filled with stories and emotions from his years of struggle. You can feel it all in his songs that are belted out with all the soul he, or anyone for that matter, could possibly muster. Charles Bradley reminds us that the world is a far from perfect place, but this album is one of the most perfect things I've heard this year.
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