Friday, November 18, 2011

Thank You.

It was just a month ago that I was at a rest stop on the side of I-90 at 2 a.m. playing frisbee and passing around a bottle of rum with one of my favorite bands who was kindly letting me hitch a ride to New York for CMJ. If someone told me that's where music blogging would lead me when I started exactly two years ago to the day (yes it is the blog's birthday today), I never would have believed them. Lots of other exciting things have happened in the past month too; we threw a wildly successful and fun house show and finally started the beer and music blog I always wanted to have. It just keeps getting better and it's all thanks to the people I've met through this adventure that extends way past the confines of a computer with an internet connection. It's crazy to think that I wouldn't have this life or made some of these amazing friends, if it weren't for music blogging. 

I am incredibly grateful for everything that has come my way and I can't say thank you enough to the readers and supporters of the blog, it really is what keeps it going. None of this could be done without the bands who make the music we love, so make sure you give them the support they deserve. Thank you to everyone for making this the best hobby a girl could have. I dedicate this song to you:

I started this blog like many others have, not realizing that thousands of others "music blogged" and not expecting more than a few friends to read it. Over two years that all changed, but my reasons have stayed the same. I just want to share the music I like in hopes that people will listen, learn about new bands, and hopefully buy some music. That's it.


P.S. You might have seen the new site, Brewery Sessions, and while I'm writing for that four days a week, NMC will still be here with different content from that of Brewery Sessions. Thanks to those that sent concerned emails about it, you're the best.

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