Thursday, December 1, 2011

Bombadil - One Whole Year

Awkward is my favorite emotion. It rattles you, takes you out of any complacency you might have settled in to, humbles you, and leaves you feeling uncomfortable to your very core. Sure happy is great but a good emotional challenge does a better job as showcasing who you really are. So it's no surprise that I got all squirmy and excited over the delightfully awkward song "A Question" and then proceeded to send terribly awkward and embarrassing text messages true to form. Waiting to ask a girl out at the laundromat is pretty awkward too and there's a song about that on this album as well. Above all (and I hate to use the 'f' word but this record) is the epitome of fun. It's goofy, a bit scrappy and offers a variety ensuring that the fun never leads to boredom. Durham based Bombadil recently released the new album, All The Rain Promises, in the begining of November. It's a strong album chock full of stand out tracks. You can stream the entire album on bandcamp and check out their website too.

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  1. "A Question" is almost too cute for words. I think I have to go Blip it now. :)


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