Tuesday, December 6, 2011

On The Water - An Elephants Memory

I couldn't write anything more telling about On The Water than what they wrote for their bandcamp bio.
"A folk collective of oddballs, loons and hooligans via West Philadelphia. We have a lot of fun, come join us for a show. We like to shout, stomp and holler. We make our records at Sex Dungeon Studios in Philadelphia." 
It's the perfect blend of banjo, stomping, and hollering and I love it. Oh, there's also the accordion, toy piano, and violin to love. The other nifty tidbit is that I came across this band on a recommendation from Brandon from The Larcenist who heard about them from The Pearl & The Beard. Recommendations from bands you like are the best kind. Check out On the Water's alter ego Da Comrade! too.

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