Thursday, January 26, 2012

Damien Jurado - Museum of Flight

This week has been all about hearing singles from releases due out next week through April. Every morning I've been able to wake up to a new batch of excitement. I hope I'm not starting to sound insincere when I say this is at the top of my most anticipated albums of 2012, but Maraqopa the new album from Damien Jurado due out February 21st, really is. I've heard from a few Seattle based people and friends of Damien that this is the album of the year. I believe them.

The first single released, "Nothing is the News" was an absolute slow burning jam, full of twist and turns and lots of guitar. Now "Museum of Flight" is a different animal with it's slow hip swaying rhythm and his wavering signature falsetto that could break your heart, especially in the first verse when his voice soars above the quietly strummed guitar. This is the best breakup song I've heard in a while, it's one part pain, one part looking back, and one part hoping the person can still be there. "Don't let go, I need you to hang around / I'm so broke and foolishly in love". 

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