Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Breaking News: It's Hot

I scratched the post that was supposed to be here today because it's just too hot to do anything other than listen to summer mixes. Below are a few jams I always go to when it's hot and links to summer mixes of yesteryear, plus a small link round up of mixes by other bloggers. Stay hydrated, stay cool.

Dalton - Breaker I know this was on the mix I just posted, but I'm completely obsessed.
Bye Bye Blackbird - Pure Never forget 2010, the summer of chill wave.
Tony Castles - Black Girls in Dresses - Kisses - Kisses - Looking Glass - Brandy (You're a Fine Girl) - Mungo Jerry - In The Summertime

Summer 2011: Brightest Days / Sleepless Nights Mix

Original Post // Download ZIP

Summer 2010: Beach Traffic Playlist*

Original Post // Download ZIP

*I was in my 6th month of music blogging, 3rd month of doing it for real. I still didn't know how to properly post songs and only 40 people read my blog a day, it gets weird. But the music is good.

Other Summer Mixes from Friends: 

Songs For The Day - Summer Mixes (Days and Nights)
Adam is a mix making master. These aren't just songs thrown in a playlist, they are well thought out mixes that I happen to have been listening to non-stop. Get them.

The DaDaDa - Summer Mix 2012
It's perfect and delightfully different. Trends more towards the indie rock stuff.

Daily Beatz - Blogwave Summer Mixes
The first year is still my favorite from this annual blogger collaborative mixtape.
Stream the first year // post
Blogwave Summer Vol II
Blogwave Summer Vol III

Fuel/Friends - Smooth Sailing from Here
Just posted today, it's hot off the internets. Heather's mixes are always chock full of new discoveries but I especially look forward to her Summer mixes.

Sunset in the Rearview - Hot Ass Summer Day
It really and truly is meant for the extra hot days.

A Mississipster Summer Mix 2011
I really liked this one last year.

IGIF: Endless Summer Vol 1 (2010)
Forever in debt to this mix for the introduction to The Shaky Hands "Summer Life", now a summer classic for me.

The Shaky Hands - Summer Life

Let me know of any other mixes I need to check out, I know there's lots out there to be had.


  1. Here's another tasty summer jam treat:

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