Monday, July 9, 2012

Meursault - Flittin'

Meursault was first introduced to me through a lovely in studio session on The Waiting Room radio show a few years back. The Waiting Room is responsible for introducing me to the phrase "new music O face" as well as a tremendous amount of songs and bands that I wouldn't have know about otherwise. Right, I'm actually here to talk about Meursault, an Edinburgh based band about to release their third album, Something For The Weakened, out via Song, By Toad Records.

There's an impressive box set available for purchase (limited 12" colored vinyl, 2 7"s, t-shirt, tote, badges, lyric book) as well as an option to order the vinyl or CD. You can stream the album and read a complete track by track guide from Neil Pennycook of Meursault here. "Flittin'" is the single.

However, what I really want to tell you about is my obsession with the fourth song on the album, "Settling". It's a song you want to play as loudly as possible and it'll make you want to sing along with all your might. I love when he emphasizes the swear in the line "So, ha fucking ha" letting the song succumb to a healthy dose of bitterness. Chris of The Waiting Room played this and called it "a cracking tune". I don't think there is a more fitting adjective than that. Listen to it here (I can't embed the album version) and then check out this acoustic rendition.

Neil Pennycook described this song, saying: This is about finding your use in life despite what you may have wished for yourself. It's about keeping an open mind when it comes to your own potential even if said potential is rather underwhelming. Ha fucking ha.

If you like the acoustic version, be sure to check out this live version which really kicks up the chorus, plus there's a violin.

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