Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Sea Wolf - Old Friend

Sea Wolf's "Old Friend" is from the upcoming third album, Old World Romance, due out September 11th. This song is sparse, especially in comparison to the previous album that was lush with strings. Not that sparse is a bad thing. I think it makes the lyrics more poignant. That empty space leaves room for your own associations to take hold. The song speaks to vague memories of an old friend, running in the park, standing on rooftops, and distance, and it won't take long until you're thinking about that one friend that you've been meaning to call.

Now we're getting older, and we're growing up, 
so now there's suction in the water and we knew enough.
Stood upon a rooftop on a night so clear, 
that the lights from the city just disappeared. 
I know you don't believe me, when I believe in you. 
I know it'll get much easier if we want it to.

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