Thursday, October 11, 2012

Lord Huron - Lonesome Dream

"I run through a wooded isle
and chase the sunlight mile after mile,
and I feel like I know this place
As the tree line breaks into wide open space."
First thing this morning I took off for a run to test my lungs in the thin Colorado air.  It seemed like a good time to finally give the new Lord Huron album a solid listen. Seconds after I pressed play, I was beaming and bursting with a joy that brought tears to my eyes. Colorado always makes me feel good, but the combination of Lord Huron, the scenery, my friend's dog for comapany, and the mile high air made me feel like my heart was exploding. I can't remember the last time I smiled a big cheesy smile during a five mile run.

Nothing soothes my soul like songs built on a heaping mountain of wanderlust. This album gives people trying to find their footing in the real world some solid ground to travel upon. Mountains come up often in the songs and each time I caught myself glancing westward towards the Rocky Mountains that hold so many of my memories. The timing of this first listen couldn't have been more perfect.

I realize I haven't told you about how well these songs are crafted, but just trust me that they are. Sometimes the feelings brought on by the music are what matter the most.

"Run away with me, it'll all make sense."
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  1. So jealous you're out at GABF. Lord Huron is the best choice for open-aired, wondrous explorations. Enjoy!


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