Monday, November 23, 2009

Brooke Waggoner - Hush If You Must

I found Brooke Waggoner two years ago on the SXSW website where it list all the bands that are lined up and usually gives you a sample or two of their songs. This is a tremendously dangerous website if you have a downloading music addiction and take A.D.D. meds. If I look at this sight it is inevitable that I will stay up all night downloading hundreds of songs.

Anyways, back to the artist...this song is from her EP called "Fresh Pair of Eyes". But in the meantime she has released two full length albums that show a wide range of musical skills. But I have not gotten a good chance to listen to them quite yet because I have been too busy loving "Hush if you Must" and "So-So". I was really torn between these two songs because so-so mentions wanting hot cocoa in colorado but I picked Hush if you must because her piano playing rocks, especially at the end. Maybe soon there will be more posts about her newer songs. 

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