Sunday, November 22, 2009

Fred Eaglesmith--Time To Get A Gun

A Canadian artist who is SO great live. He's socially aware and tells hysterical stories to get his point across. (Like how so many Republicans are Catholic and believe in a virgin birth, but the idea, not whether it is happening just the IDEA, of global warming is ridiculous.) His songs range from unrequitted love to one questioning "when exactly did we become White Trash" to the loss of the agricultural industry. This is classic Fred, Time To Get A Gun. My sister laughs everytime she hears the chorus "Time to get a gun/That's what I've been thinking/I could afford one/If I did just a little less drinking" and always comments, "yea, we want a drunk guy with a gun. . .HA!" Everytime. But if you want to see a great live show, check him out. Highly entertaining! (His fans are called FredHeads)

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