Sunday, November 22, 2009

Matt & Kim - Daylight

I love this song. Give it some time to catch because even if you aren't into this type of music the beat becomes addicting. It is a great headphones song, I love hearing this walking around the city. It somehow makes me walk faster, stand taller, and I think I even bounce a little. I love how songs can do that. I even spent an afternoon learning how to play this on the piano, thats how catchy it is. I just learned via their website that Daylight was used for a Bacardi Mojito Commercial so maybe you have already heard this song. I am going to see them on December 1st in Lausanne and I am really excited and will update you on how they are in concert. Their music video is great and you can't help but wonder how he got himself stuck in a freezer while playing the keyboard. Keep an eye on these guys, I think there will be more to come.

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  1. Katie's brother, Gerek, introduced me to this song a few weeks ago. He said he had to play it after Notre Dame lost in order to make him feel better. Gerek also said that when you listened to this song, you couldn't help but be happy! Glad you feel his sentiment too!


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