Monday, November 16, 2009

Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros

The first song had to be my current "song of the moment". I play it at least once every day. I can imagine them being amazing in concert. So check out their website because they are currently touring and hitting up places like North Hampton, NYC, Telluride, and Canada. All over really. You especially have to love the break where the singer admits to falling "deep deeply in love". Makes me smile every time. Enjoy.

Home by Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros

You can tell just by their youtube profile write up that they are a different and unique kind of band with lots of creativity. I am almost as in love with their "about me" section as their actual song. This should be reason enough to listen to their song:

"Though his father had figured him deaf for his unresponsiveness to sounds, he in fact had the universally unique condition of being deaf from hearing too much or, more correctly put, too well. In plain words, he heard EVERYTHING AT ONCE. At first it proved rather painful like a wretched whining winding all hours, but very soon those who whisper visited young Edward and revealed to him the Tricks and Truths, the Ways and Plays, the Chords and Dischords of the Universe.
He did not need to eat but the color of the sun, which was F#, and moved his bones to grow. His arms and legs and fingers and toes grew til the tower of boxes collapsed and he laughed. He moved thru the door which was C over B# and ran thru the village hearing ALL of its music! The workers and children and painters of buildings and dogs barking madly and trees bristling softly and OH!!"

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