Thursday, November 19, 2009

Sara Bareilles/Ingrid Michaelson - Winter Song

The days are getting shorter, darker, grayer, the weather is slowly changing you can feel winter coming closer and closer. Things are just becoming dismal. There must be a song to fit the mood. Alas, fret not, I have found one for you. Whoever decided to put Sara Bareilles and Ingrid Michaelson in the same studio was a genius. This song is nothing but beautiful. It is simple while still managing to incorporate both of their styles. The official music video is fantastic and incredibly cute but I can not embed it so here is the link. In the meantime you can listen to it here: In other news Ingrid Michaelson has a newly released CD, called Everybody. It is good but becoming more mainstream with heavy pop influences. It is fun to listen to nonetheless. Her first single from the album is "Maybe" which is being played on the radio already. I also like Soldier and Everybody. However if you listen to her old album "Girls and Boys" you would barely be able to tell that this is the same Ingrid Michaelson. If you are looking for more songs like Overboard, The Way I Am, or Breakable you will not find them on this new album. But at least there is this Winter Song to remind you of what Ingrid once sounded like.

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