Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Amber Rubarth - You Will Love This Song

If you are in the mood for an easy going honest song, this one is for you. Amber Rubarth has a unique little voice that can not be mistaken for anyone else. She maybe reminds me a little bit of Jenny Owen Youngs, but still totally unique. The  way she decided to become a songstress makes me admire her "why the hell not?" attitude. She randomly did woodcarving in Reno, Nevada and then one day just five years ago she decided she had always wanted to be a musician so she learned how to play the guitar (for the first time!) and now she has a good little collection of songs under her belt. 

Her songs tend to be mini-story-esque which I just love.  She released her newest album "Good Mystery" this past September and it has some great songs. Just keep in mind its totally about the lyrics. I can't find a song of hers that I don't relate to. From "This is Real" lyrics "You know I love where I'm living/ And where I travel too/But if you asked I'd trade it all for you/ Cause there's something that you give me/ Something that is true/ That all this travelling 'round will never do." To my other favorite "Wish We'd Gotten Drunk" about awkward moments that you wish could be explained away by drunkenness, but alas there you are being awkward and sober. "Its never to late to get tanked, and claim the whole thing was misconstrued....the wine has already been opened and there is whiskey for two, so tomorrow when we wake up we can blame it all on the booze." But here is a really great one by her with an interesting little intro. I hope you appreciate the honesty. 

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  1. Her speaking voice and her singing voice don't match. But I love the song. My favorite lyrics on this one are: "I can't think you're mean because I volunteered to be mislead because I like you a lot."
    Sara Borges is on Sun Studios too.


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