Monday, December 14, 2009

Jay Nash - Christmas in LA

For the past two weeks I have been oddly blessed with waking up with a song stuck in my head and whatever that song was I was posting it first thing in the morning. Today the magic stopped so I figured I would wait to be influenced or inspired by something. So far the only thing that has happened was that I threw a bible that was kind of a gift out of a 3 story window at said gift giver. Needless to say, there are no songs about throwing bibles out windows at people. Sad day. 

So I guess I can twist my morning experience into the spirit of gift giving, regardless of gifts you like or gifts you would prefer to violently throw, I think it is time for another holiday song. I promise I won't drop it on your head from 3 stories up. I promised you more from Jay Nash and the other two boys so I will start with my favorite. This is a brand new holiday song by him and I love the lyrics "And I wish it would snow, oh the wind would blow, but I know that it wont/ So give me that hallelujah some of that old langsyne/ Hold me close baby and make believe that its cold outside" espeically because until today the weather has come nowhere near resembling winter weather. You should also check out his other songs like Baby Tornado, The places you will go, and Sweet Talking Liar. For a better version I suggest waiting until I come home for me to give it to you, or buying it yourself or at least check out his songs on myspace. I promise its worth it. 

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  1. i plan on buying multiple cds and burning playlists off your computer for hours just like we did at gda...except this time with a special cranberry holiday cocktail perhaps?


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