Friday, December 11, 2009

Sara Borges and the Broken Singles--The Day We Met

At work this morning, the song "Around 9" came up on my Pandora and I really liked it. So I looked into the artist for a bit and then I had an interview (and I could see up this girl's short skirt and it was really, really awkward and I was thankful a guy didn't interview her.) ANYWAY--I liked this catchy tune. Originally from Boston and is opening for John Eddie at the Iron Horse next week. It was hard to find a really great quality of any of her recordings, most of them are live and just some dude in the crowd doing the best he can do.

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  1. said Bible. Hah! I'm sorry, Jess, but that's absolutley hilarious in a perverted sort of way. Fantastic blog ya'll! I read/listen to it every day. --Amber P


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