Tuesday, December 8, 2009

God Help the Girl - Funny Little Frog

This is probably one of my favorite finds ever and here is why: God Help the Girl is actually an album that is a musical narrative created by Stuart Murdoch of Belle & Sebastian. He started creating these songs and set them aside for this project because they had a different sort of feel from the type of songs that Belle & Sebastian would normally do. In order to find the right vocals that he had envisioned, he posted a contest for singer/songwriters online to enter. He found a variety of singers and eventually started recording all these songs. It is really an incredible album with great talent. It just goes to show what musical magic can be created when artists take their time to produce something with great quality rather than rushing to create some crappy commercial hit. This album incapsulates everything great about indie artists and makes my musical heart happy. Please read more about the project on its website. It is a really cool concept and I wish more artists collaborated like this.

Here is the song Funny Little Frog sung by Brittany Stallings of Washington.

1 comment:

  1. I LOOOVE this one! The song and the concept! Love it!


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