Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Tristan Prettyman - Hello

The song that I really wanted to post today, I sadly can't find on youtube. It's Tristan Prettyman's "Interview With Who". The lyrics are very fitting today because I have a HUGE interview with the NBC affiliate in Bangor/Portland, Maine. I'm freaking out and these lyrics definitely sum up what I'm trying to convince myself right now!

In the big picture, we're all so small
We get so caught up, forgetting that we fall
Everything about it takes time to grow
So just learn to be loose, and let it all go
'Cause the time goes by, so damn fast
We try to build it all up but is it ever gonna last

But since we all love/know Tristan, this is one of my top faves of hers. I like the interview in the beginning of this video too. Everybody has fat days I guess!

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