Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Culcha Candela - Monsta

I had to post a second song today just because I am a spaz before flying and because I plan on listening to this song on repeat the entire time in Zurich today so that I don't look as nervous as I feel getting past customs today. (No cheese in boots this time though, no worries).

This song is totally irresistible even if it is German rap and even if they did blatantly rip off peruvian flute players (I have a video of a group in geneva playing their flute things and it is identical to the one used in this song but I am too lazy to upload it right now). But trust me, they used a sick flute song quite well. I have no idea what this song is about and I don't want to know. All that matters is I get to say "monsta body and monsta blit and monsta boom boom...moooonnnstaaaaa, moooonnnstaaaaa" Freakin awesome.

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