Friday, January 8, 2010

Elizabeth & The Catapult - Complimentary Me

This Brooklyn based trio, Elizabeth & the Catapult, are a lot of fun. Their debut album "Taller Children" is great and I listen to almost every song on it making this one of those tricky artists to pick just one song from. Complimentary Me has a lot of layers that I really enjoy starting with a french sound, swinging into bluegrassy type of thing, hand clapping, and banjo, paired with great lyrics, it is a little gem. But you should also consider checking out "Race You" a really cute little song, Taller Children, Momma's Boy, and Hit the Wall which has a great jazzy kind of sound. This band really blends a lot of different styles which creates an impeccable album that is nearly impossible to tire of. Consider purchasing it for $6.99 on itunes for 15 songs. Doesn't get much better.

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