Thursday, January 21, 2010

Florence + The Machine - Cosmic Love

Yay new feature, we're on Twitter! (I am deathly afraid of tweeting but I have no problem following) Yeah I'm the unemployed one who had the time to make a twitter account for the blog. Total dork, I know. What is even dorkier is that when I went on a wild and reckless clicking adventure through musicians on twitter, the twitter website actually told me to chill the fuck out. Seriously, I am not allowed to search for more people to follow. So far its been thirty minutes, I'm hoping the search ban is lifted soon. do...dooo...dooo.

So in the meantime I have stumbled on some songs. I will tell you how I do these weird things and stumblings upon. Ready for this? Its like 7 degrees of separation except with music and it never comes round circle...but whatever same thing in my mind...

Here it goes: twitter page of Amy Kuney --> She tweeted about Matt Morris so I click the link --> Takes me to his homepage and clicked on his myspace link to hear his music--> I am not satisfied/ can't decide if I like him in the myspace clips so type him into itunes --> Listen, get bored, scroll to playlist section under Matt Morris' itunes page --> Click playlist called New Hit 2010 --> click through songs really quick until one catches my ear --> Decide I liked the first 10 seconds of Jason Castro and decided to blog about it--> in the process of blogging about this song I find out he was an american idol 3rd placer in 2007 --> I get embarrassed because although I am not anti-everyone-who-has-been-on-american-idol, I am just not ready to go there yet --> Go back to Matt Morris page and click on the only other playlist called "Dunno?..Do you?"--> instantly click on Florence + The Machine cause I keep seeing this band --> Really like it, click on artist and then choose favorite song.

Then I realize the song I choose I like because I know I have heard it before....guess what? It was last week's awesome Grey's Anatomy song. I almost decided to start over and find a new song but oh well, I am committed now. I could have found that a lot easier, say by going to the tune finder website and checking out Grey's songs like I usually do every week. Instead I did it the long way and now look really stupid for finding a random song that wasn't even random at all. Buttttt... I like it a lot, her other stuff rocks too. Get it while its hot.

Which brings me to here. The most roundabout way of arriving here at this video that I now really like, thanks for bearing with me (all 13 degrees of separation worth). And in case you were wondering in the time to write all this, Twitter will still not let me search people.

Does anyone else get weird Grace Slick vibes from her. I don't know what it is. But check her out here and decide for yourself:

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