Tuesday, January 26, 2010

If Jess has heard this guy I quit

Luke just signed a record deal with a small label here in New York. I swear he looks like the wolfmother, he's enormous and has a huge beard, but sounds like Ben Folds or something. Me and my buddy Brian saw him at Pianos here in the city, and his stuff was awesome. This is my favorite of his songs. I just love the lyric "play a little game a chess, watch a little meet the press". Also check out "Battered Apartments", "I Hope You Like this Song" (my other favorite), and "I'm Sorry I'm Not Hotter". And, as the title says, Jess, if you've heard Luke before, this is my last post.


  1. you win, i have not heard of Luke. Does he have a last name? and I really like him.


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