Thursday, February 4, 2010

Carlos Bertonatti - Perfect Picture

I know my life is like one big vacation from the real world, but after talking about warm places with some friends, all I want is a beach vacation. This song just makes me think about it. Irrational and unaffordable things usually find a way of working out for me so hopefully in a months time I will be on a beach listening to this song. Luckily babysitting (not au pairing) pays handsomely in the 'burbs.

Speaking of handsome, Carlos Bertonatti is adorable and sexy in that foreign-fedora-wearing kind of way. He grew up in Caracas, Venezuela and the ski slopes of Argentina before moving to his current home in Miami (I am not jealous cough cough). He has some great feel good music. The link above is for his myspace and I suggest listening to "the little things" and "It's so easy" the rest is good too, just a bit slower. Enjoy. Think sunny beach thoughts, I am.

Sorry there are no videos that i can find of Perfect Picture but you can listen to it here!

1 comment:

  1. He's in jail for killing a bicyclist while driving drunk. Your big hunk of Venezuelan cuteness is a killer and his music sucks. Women who fall for musicians because of their looks are idiots.


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