Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Gavin Castleton - Coffeelocks

I really don't want to write another long post today, but the story of how this song and this album came to be is really outrageous, yet very intriguing. This is one song off of his album, Home (is about healing from massive heartbreak), and is a song from the beginning about how he and his girlfriend met. They then dated for six years and then broke up. The break-up was so hard that he decided to write a rock-opera about it. He eventually asked his ex to help write the female lyrics so that he could include her perspective. After a short time they were unable to collaborate any longer and Gavin suffered from severe anxiety attacks.  I've listened to all of the songs on his website and let me tell you, it was one scary breakup. It makes my heart feel shiny and brand new in comparison. You should definitely read more about it on his website (click on the home side) as he explains what each song is about and how the album came to be. It is an interesting story that reels you in. Don't worry though, this is not a scary breakup song but actually a pretty cute song about meeting someone at a coffee shop.

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