Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Kings of Convenience - Misread

Every once and awhile when I worked at Houston's the podcasts that they received from corporate every few weeks actually had some good songs on it. I definitely shazamed this one. I'm obsessed with that app. By the time I left, they actually had a John Mayer song, and a Robert Plant/Alison Krauss song on the mix. Crazyness. (*Sidenote: Houston's caught on fire on Friday and just reopened today. $500,000 worth of damage!)

This is one of those relaxing songs that you can put on in kitchen and dive into a recipe with. I'm very interested in hearing what else this duo is all about. This song is apparently from 2004, so I have some researching to do. I can't embed the video, so here's the link:

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