Monday, February 8, 2010

Hem - He Came to Meet Me

I had some real issues picking a song this morning. I wanted to present you with something fun for a Monday morning like a song Phoenix's wonderful new album. There are so many great Phoenix songs that I couldn't decide on just one so I jumped to Teitur, a long time favorite who has recently been getting more attention and has a fun new song out called Catherine the Waitress. But nothing really struck me...until I was scanning through an old playlist and saw Hem.

Hem can be classified (kind of) as an indie-folk-rock-lullaby band. They formed in New York a decade ago and are made up of eight people who play the following instruments (and then some): guitar, mandolin, banjo, drums, pedal steel guitar, piano, bass, and violin. This all creates a beautiful and unique sound especially when the soft and warm vocals of Sally Ellyson come into play. (Did I just make her sound like a blanket fresh out of the dryer? Well, she does have a similar effect, I suppose.) Bottom line is that I love them and you should too.

You will probably recognize the song "The Part Where You Let Go" from a commercial not so long ago. They have a newish album out, The Twelfth Night, that is more on the bluegrassy side and has a bunch of good tracks. Specific songs to listen to would be "Half Acre" which is so amazingly beautiful that I can't even find a good enough adjective to describe it, "Stupid Mouth Shut", "The Pills Stopped Working"...the list goes on and on. Check out their myspace. But for now try out this song. Their lyrics are often the story-telling type and this song is no exception.
But there is no one who
Could wake my heart like this
Could break my world in two
I felt a suddenness
I felt a suddenness
The day fell completely still
The dream was a lot like this
But I never knew until

He came to meet me

(the video is a mash up of a Bollywood film, so just ignore that...although I have heard that it is a good movie)

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