Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Kyle Andrews - Sushi

We can file this one under Alternative Electronica, kind of like Jupiter One who Jackie brought up a while back. I like working out to Kyle Andrew's song and I find the video highly entertaining. They made a mosaic out of other youtube videos which makes the whole dancing scene rather amazing. His album is called Real Blasty and this is a pretty accurate description of it: “Real Blasty is an upbeat album for sad people who just want to dance. A lesser artist could get weighed down by the broody lyrics covering unrequited love, insecurities and general enui. But Andrews pulls it off by pairing his angst with bright electro-pop rhythms and irresistible hooks.” - Tamara Vallejos, NPR.ORG (Nov 07, 2008) 
Sad people who just want to dance haha. Love it. I can very easily see this song being used in a commercial. I just has that little something to it.  Check more of him out on myspace and his website. 

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