Thursday, February 18, 2010

Mumford & Sons - Sigh No More

I don't need to listen to any other albums in 2010 to be able to tell you that their album, Sigh No More, is the best album of the year. It just came out on Tuesday and I even made the effort to buy the real life cd, not just download it, I had to trek over to Cambridge to get it too. It was totally worth it. The band recently formed in London in 2007, they sparked the interest of a famous producer Marcus Dravs (he worked with Arcade Fire and Bjork), he encouraged them to hone in on their sound and to really develop it. That they did, and now they have released their first full length album. You should expect them to get big soon, they have an amazing live show (I've had friends that saw them and said it was the best concert of their lives), and they have that same kind of spark that Kings of Leon seems to have, while keeping their unique sound and playing their instruments really well. I obviously recommend every single song. The youtube videos are linked to the Mumford & Sons channel, so if you click on it almost all their songs are there for your listening pleasure. Check out their website here. I couldn't choose between Winter Winds and Little Lion Man so here they both are.

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