Thursday, February 11, 2010

Rogue Wave - Maps

Rogue Wave was one of those bands I came across in 2005 - The Year of Discoveries. I call it this because this was the year that I also stumbled upon Tristan Prettyman, Ben Taylor, Jackie Greene, and local Denver band The Fray, and about 20 other artists that I absolutely adore, thus spurring the creation of my first annual Valentines Day CD. I also discovered that year, among many other things, that I can't do shots of Captain Morgan's while wearing a Whorever 21 gold top that requires double-sided tape to stay on. Anyways...back at the ranch, I really liked Rogue Wave when I first heard them. I even went to one of their concerts in Denver, it was awesome, there were maybe 70 people at the Bluebird Theater that Wednesday night. Then their song, "Lake Michigan" was used in a Microsoft Zune commercial (funny how that mp3 player never took off), and then I think the O.C. used "California" and "Eyes" and with that Rogue Wave was a huge sensation and everyone knew about them. For whatever reason, this caused me to stop listening to them. Until now.

This song was originally done by another great band, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and you should also check out the original if you haven't already heard it. It is a long standing favorite of mine. Rogue Wave does a great cover of it. I came across it on the itunes made for Valentines day album Sweetheart, a compilation with some pretty good bands on it (Check out the cover of Yellow by Jem and the cover of I'm on fire (hey its one of the Bruce songs I like!) by Kate Tucker). Rogue Wave also just released a new single in January, called Good Morning, Rogue Wave fans hate it. So enjoy this instead!

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