Monday, February 22, 2010

Wilco - You and I

As usual I had Monday morning posting issues. I can't find videos for most of the Ten out of Tenn album. I am obsessed with K.S. Rhoads' album, Dead Language as well as all of the other musicians he has worked with. But damn you, youtube, there are no decent videos to show you (or at least not the ones I want). I urge you all to check out the Ten out of Tenn albums (ten awesome musicians working in Nashville up to volume 3), and then come back here and blog about the ones you like, if you are lucky enough to find decent videos. There is lots to discover when you get into the singer/songwriter/helper-outers of Nashville. There is a large backlog of artists I have from Nashville that I have been waiting to get to write about when the mood strikes me and when videos are available. Also check out the local Nashville radio station, Lightning 100, that brings a lot of the artist in like Trent Dabbs, Andrew Belle, Erin McCarley, Katie Herzig, Butterfly Boucher, the list goes on.

Anyways, in all of this mess and youtube stress this morning I somehow worked my way back to a favorite band. And was shocked to find out that somehow in the excitement that was the European summer of '09, I totally missed the fact that Wilco released a new album, Wilco (the album). It is really great, I don't think they have ever had one bad album. Compared to their other albums like my favorite, Yankee Hotel Foxtrot, it is less experimental and inventive. But it is still a really well done album, the piano and string compositions flow well throughout the album and are up to Wilco standards. There is just nothing new or exciting that pops out at you, not that it is a bad thing at all. I really like Everlasting Everything, You Never Know, and especially I'll Fight because for some reason it reminds me of Jeff saying "I would die for your honor." But here they are with Feist on Letterman.

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