Thursday, March 18, 2010

Dawn Landes - Young Folks

I know Young Folks is so 2008, but the bluegrass cover by Dawn Landes and friends is a whole different story. There have been lots of covers of this song done in the past few years, its just so darn catchy, but this one really brings something different to the table. Using the typical bluegrass instruments, bass, fiddle, banjo, and a harmonica it sounds like a whole different song. Plus her helper-outers in this song are just so darned cute, in that Young @ Heart kind of way.

Don't let my affinity for Young Folks stop you from listening to Dawn's other stuff. She has a great folky voice and a great collection of songs from the catchy Straight Lines reminiscing about childhood, to the folk-rock rodeo song Young Girl. She is currently touring with Nada Surf, which seems random, but I like that. You can listen to more on her myspace page. Enjoy!

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