Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Let me tell you about a band called Cowboy Mouth.

1. BEST LIVE SHOW EVER. If you get a chance go, don't forget red spoons and your best mardi gras beads.

2. You might remember their 90's hit "Jane Says", you might have been duped into thinking they they were a one hit wonder, well it just so happens they love performing and now do over 200 shows each year (for the past 15 years)! I think they are very very well known in their home state of Louisiana.

3. Most importantly the lead singer is also the drummer. He must lose over 2 gallons of water weight each show from sweating like a mad man and around 20 pairs of drum sticks. true story.

4. I can't even listen to their music on cd because it can never compare to their live shows. Seriously, I just won't do it.

5. They have an INTENSE cult following. As we were sipping our beers across the street from the Bluebird theater before the show fans were commenting each other on their mardi gras beads, and handing out red spoons. Some of these fans flew all the way from florida, georgia, and texas just to see them in Colorado because it is a smaller venue than where they usually play. Crazy.

It is amazing. Here are some photos from a show of theirs January 2nd, 2010 in Denver, Colorado. and maybe if you are lucky I will figure out how to upload the videos.

I will be back later with more on how kick ass this band is. Otherwise check out the websites posted below. and their myspace page

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