Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Everybody Loves Jill--Cowboy Mouth

Rob made us CD's when he picked us all up from the airport from our Honduras trip. He couldn't find a song with Chrissy in it, but this was the song for Jill. Not sure how he found it, but it's cute. There's a BareNaked Ladies type feel. When they say "Red Spoons", the audience throws red spoons on the stage. I haven't looked into other songs.


  1. THEY ARE MY FAVORITE BAND EVER TO SEE IN CONCERT!!!! I saw them this past january in Denver. I will post pictures. ahhhhhh i can't believe this song just came out of the blue. So funny!

  2. That's really funny! I'm thinking Rob put Jill into iTunes and looked to see what came up. It was totally random. But it's fun! That's really funny! What are the odds?


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