Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Marina and the Diamonds - Obsessions

Seeing how I over-use the word "obsession" x infinity, this song seemed fitting. I first heard "I am not a robot" by Marina and the Diamonds, thanks to Blalock's Indie/Rock Playlist (BIRP) and then quickly downloaded everything else I could find. Yeah BIRP is a dude that post 100+ indie songs for free download every month. But don't leave him for me, he throws a ton of wacky stuff in there, granted that wacky stuff magically becomes cool a year later, but who has time to sift through his newest 100 downloads? I am still sifting through last months, it can be a hassle, trust me. I will do the heavy work for you, so don't bother yourself with that. By heavy work, I mean I will post them a year later when they become cool songs. Weird how that works. Anyways...

There was a time I was specifically searching for this song, and I just found it, thank you. Marina and the Diamonds professes on her Myspace page, "I am Marina and you are the Diamonds". I just love love love that. And thats all it took folks. I am obsessed? yup probably. Hope you love the newest obsession. Other Recommended Listens: Hollywood, I am a Robot, and Mowgli's Road

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