Monday, March 1, 2010

Ra Ra Riot - Can You Tell?

Happy March! As usual I was pained by Monday morning posting anxiety mainly because I was desperately trying to find a song that summed up the ridiculous weeekend's events. So I was looking for a song about awkward high school gatherings at an open bar. Or one about falling down some stairs and almost knocking my tooth out and waking up covered in bruises. Now this might surprise you, but there just weren't any songs like that out there. I tried to find a good cover of "Easy like Sunday Morning" and had no luck, or I almost posted Slaid Cleaves's song, Drinkin' Days (where he claims his drinking days are over) but that has nothing to do with my predicament. And lastly, I really wanted to post Jenny Owen Youngs' "F*** was I" because "wtf was I thinking?" was a comment I made out loud to myself a few times on Sunday morning. But instead I just put my songs on shuffle and clicked through about 20 times until I got to this one here. Ra Ra Riot is an awesome band name for starters and I really like their eclectic style and their use of string instruments. I also like "Each Year" and "Oh, La".


  1. Rabbit, rabbit, rabbit!

  2. I say that every month. It makes me happy when other people do too. March is my favorite because sweet tarts chicks & bunnies are available at a drug store near you.


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