Friday, February 26, 2010

Miike Snow - Animal

This is another Swedish band with three members who have previously been producers and songwriters and have worked with some big names in the past. They all got together in 2007 and started messing around and were able to release an album last Spring. It did really well in Europe and is getting lots of recognition recently here in the U.S. They started their first tour in January and they are selling out shows all over the country (Paradise show on March 31st is already sold out). Their music falls into the category of indie-pop/electro-pop. Their tunes are super catchy (think Peter Bjorn and John's Young Folks). Their big hits are Animal, Black & Blue, Silvia, Song for No One and Burial and you can check them all out on their myspace page. Animal is fun cause it makes me think of animingus people from Harry Potter. But Song for No One might be my favorite because the guitar part is really catchy and really easy to play on the piano.

Fun Fact: The animal on their CD cover is a Jackelope, a bunny with antlers, my favorite mythical creature right next to the Unicorn. Happy Friday! 

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