Thursday, March 4, 2010

Robert Francis - Mescaline

So I must admit this comes from another music blog, musicvsmisery, I like it a lot you should check it out. Quite often me and this other blog come across people and cd releases at similar times so we have some very parallel posts, which always amuses me greatly. Music vs. Misery has a good eclectic mix of songs and this was just one of those that popped out at me. I don't know anything about Robert Francis so you can find out more about him on his website and watch a short little video of him here. I also really like Junebug, its really fantastic and has a Kings of Leon thing going on. I am definately going to find more music by Robert Francis, because I am loving these two songs, his lyrics are very poetic. It is hard to come across modern poet musicians like this nowadays. "You’re a love disaster, your heart beats faster, when it’s with mine. You’re a likely story, morning glory on the vine."

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