Thursday, March 4, 2010

Lucy Schwartz - Gravity

So we have mentioned her before but I have to say Lucy Schwartz really has something going on. At first I thought she was similar to Lenka and would have that one song that everyone loved and then kind of nothing, or would blend into the crowd of similar singer/songwriter chicks. I am quickly realizing I was wrong about that assumption. Her EP is so much fun to listen to and has a good variety of songs, I really like all of them especially "Those Days" and "Help Me! Help Me!". But my favorite song is still "I don't know a thing" I have been listening to it for months and I just don't get sick of it. I hope she continues to create, and grow, and will be able to fulfill our need for a songwriter/singer who is capable of encapsulating our 20-somethings anxiety issues (or just issues we can all relate to) in cute little packages tied with a ribbon that we call songs.

So this is the other gravity song you should know about. She just posted it on twitter and I couldn't resist posting it after seeing that she was ballsy enough to do interpretive dance for her video. I took a movement improv class in college that was embarrassing and awkward as hell but Lucy looks wonderful in this video and it works really well.

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