Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Civil Wars - Poison & Wine

This song is a great example of how male/female duets can be so beautifully poignant. The voices of the two band members, Joy Williams (who has some great solo stuff) and John Paul White,  harmonize like their voices were made for each other. Their chorus of "I don't love you, I always will" is entrancing. It has a way of capturing your full attention because I think everyone has felt that confusing duality of love and they express it in this song so incredibly well. Here is a response to the video because there is no way to say it any better: wild7card7  I feel this song and video are speaking to the trials and tribulations, the struggles and strengths and the intensity of love. We don't chose who we love - that pull - that draw can be so strong - so overwhelming that you feel it's beyond your control. Love can be tough. It can make your heart ache and it can make your heart sing. This song to me is a representation of the painfully beautiful elements of love. 2  3 days ago

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