Sunday, April 25, 2010

A Fresh Song for the Weekend...

This Tomac song, "In Your Head" might have been more appropriate to hear on Saturday but I'm going to give it to you now anyway. I can find nothing about the artists except that Tomac is from Bloomington, Indiana and there are 4 songs on The Sixty One. (I don't believe the myspace Tomac is the same person). So there is this music scene that I have come across more and more where artists are looping their own tracks in combination with video game sound cards. I won't bother to explain it any further because I don't understand it. All I know is when I hear these songs, I say "oh, that sounds like a video game soundtrack, but way better." Listening to this song you might be skeptical in the beginning but wait it out until you get to  the scatting ba - dah - dah - da vocals and piano that bring this song to a whole other level. In your head, and some of Tomac's other songs sound like Moby just sat down to play one of his songs with a video game in the background. I think it is really cool, and I love driving with this song turned up. It is also available for free download on the Sixty One website. Enjoy the rest of the weekend. Stay tuned this week for some really excellent music that I am very excited to be telling you about.

Click this link to here some crazy new upbeat music:

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