Monday, April 26, 2010

Jones Street Station - Tall Buildings

This is easily the most appropriate monday morning song ever. I am sorry that it is kind of depressing, but I just had to post it on a Monday. Listen to it, and you will understand why this is the perfect Monday song.

This is a late find since their most recent album came out almost a year ago, but who cares, right? I am seriously loving this Brooklyn band, Jones Street Station, because they are just a little bit different and four of the band members share the role of "lead singer" which is pretty unusual. They harmonize quite well and it is especially evident in "Tall Buildings". Their songs range from melancholic ballads, "Tall Buildings" to country-esque jams like "front door" and even a pop-rock type song "slow lights" and don't forget to listen to their fun rock song "Neville". Because they dabble in a little bit of everything, making Jones Street Station a tricky band to describe, they have a really strong album "In Verses" that holds your attention throughout the entire fourteen songs.  It's a fun one to listen to and I am currently falling in love with this album. This is the first full length album since Mumford & Sons that I have listened to on repeat for days, so that should tell you something about how good this band is.

Here is one of their more popular songs from "In Verses" for your listening/downloading pleasure. Jones Street Station - Evergreen

You can listen to ALL of their songs on myspace. If you like the Avett Brothers, Stephen Kellogg & the sixers, or Mason Jennings, to name a few, you will most likely enjoy this band too. Give them a good listen, I guarantee you its worth it. Learn more about Jones Street Station on their website.

"Its goodbye to the sunshine, goodbye to the dew, goodbye to the flowers and goodbye to you. I'm off to the subway, I musn't be late, I'm going to work in tall buildings."

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