Thursday, April 22, 2010

itunes, the real mood ring

We all know mood rings are crappy gifts you got in 5th grade that you probably thought were really cool until you realized that they respond based on your body temperature, but itunes is the ultimate mood indicator, the Real Deal. Its psychic, and sometimes creepily so. I have purposefully never done any research on why itunes is so good at picking out songs when on shuffle because I don't want to know all their fancy math tricks and algorithms behind the magic. I assume it shuffles through genres and picks up on which songs you skip over and all that sort of stuff, but...I would like to pretend that it simply knows me really well, like a good friend who always knows the exact right thing to say. I am not a big fan of genius playlists because I like to make my itunes work and sort through my exorbitant out of control music library rather than just have it pick twenty songs in a matter of seconds. Bottom line here is that I just want to share with you the perfection that was my itunes shuffle this morning. I can not begin to explain how perfectly it complimented my upbeat mood on this perfect sunny spring day. Maybe you could join in the fun and share what your itunes shuffle plays for you. (All linked files are playable and downloadable if you right click or mac users ctrl click and select download linked file)

4. Badly Drawn Boy - A Minor Incident
5. Paolo Nutini - Million Faces
6. Van Morrison - I forgot that love existed (from a night in San Francisco) 
8. Marc Broussard - Love and Happiness
9. The Village Green - Under the Covers
10. Jackie Greene - Just As Well 
12. Tea Leaf Green - Earth and Sky
13. Citizen Cope - If there's love 

Seriously, how did itunes know I am going to a free Citizen Cope show to celebrate Earth Day today? Amazing. Please feel free to leave a comment sharing your itunes shuffle magic.

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